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5 reasons to play futsal

Posted by Chris Mayer on Dec 17, 2018 1:40:48 AM

Soccer currently rules the sports world, and has been growing rapidly in popularity here in America. Futsal is also picking up steam all over the globe. Many of the best soccer players in the world and throughout history credit much of their development to the time they spent playing futsal leading to many accolades for the sport.

Here’s our list of 5 reasons why you should play futsal.


Flexibility –  Futsal can be played on any hard surface, indoors and outdoors. All you need is a ball and shoes. It is also the perfect version of soccer for rapid improvement. Almost any soccer tactical session can be adapted to be played on a futsal pitch. It is ideal for small sided training tactics before more full field tactics are introduced.


Athletic IQ – Futsal’s quickened play and continuous nature helps to improve a player’s intelligence on and off the ball. A player’s head is always on a swivel, looking to get on the ball, the best run to make to support his teammate, and looking to exploit their opponents weaknesses.


Quickened Pace – The small space requires players to not only play quicker but also to make faster decisions. In futsal, you only have a split second to decide what to do with the ball before you are put under high pressure. This will force you to improve in all aspects to help your mates succeed.


Improves on ball ability – According to some information collected from multiple sources a futsal player will have 6x more touches on the ball than a soccer player. This helps players master their touch on the ball and will give players confidence to hold on to the ball more and take players on 1v1.


Ingenuity – Perhaps the single most important reason to play futsal is that it encourages players to be creative and think out of the box. Players try things that they would never risk doing on the soccer field. This creativity can come in the form of crazy 1v1 moves, unbelievable passes, and combinations.


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