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5v5 soccer rules you need to know before joining an indoor soccer league

Posted by Bert Gybels on Jul 18, 2018 8:16:30 AM
In 5-a-side, some rules resemble those of soccer but there are some differences. Here are 11 differences you need to know before diving in.



1 - Players

The matches are played between two teams, they must be composed of 4 field players and a goalkeeper. The team can count up to 3 substitutes, whose permutations are unlimited and has to be made during a stoppage. A player may enter and leave the field as many times as he wishes during the match. It is strongly recommended to play with specific shoes with "stabilized" type cleats. The molded cleats are prohibited indoor but allowed in outdoor. Screwed cleats are forbidden.


2 - Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is not allowed to go out of his area. The goalkeeper cannot take a pass from a team player. If the goalkeeper touches the ball out of the box, then it is handed over to the opposing team at the shoot-out level. Similarly, during the raises, the goalkeeper does not have the opportunity to send the ball beyond the middle zone, otherwise, the ball is given to the opposing team


3 - Game time

The match is played in 2 halves of 25 minutes each (in real time) with a break between the two periods, which must not exceed 5 minutes. The stopwatch is stopped as soon as the ball is out of bounds or the match is interrupted. It is re-entered only after the game is restarted. The teams are entitled to one minute of non-cumulative dead time, in each of the two periods. This timeout can only be requested if the team is in possession of the ball. In case of extension, no additional dead time is possible.


4 – The walls

Play with the walls is allowed and advises. When the ball carrier progresses along the wall, contact with the defender is forbidden (a foul is given). Again, when the ball carrier progresses along the wall and a defender is already placed, he is forbidden to force the passage. When the player is blocked in the corner with the ball and back to the game, the defender must allow the ball carrier to leave the balloon along the wall.


5- Fouls

Tackles, contacts, and play on the ground are forbidden. Also, are sanctioned by a direct or indirect free kick: play on the ground, hand fouls, hanging with nets and walls, obstructions, thrusts in the back. Penalties are given if tackles, dangerous play, anti-play, brutal play, anti-sporting behavior, the exit of the goalkeeper outside his surface, the intrusion of a player into the defensive zone of his guardian, happened.

You can find our complete rule book here but don't get overwhelmed by all these rules. The main aim is to have fun. Care to join us at one of our Indoor soccer centers? Feel free to contact us!

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