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Get your kids out of the house: why 5V5 soccer is a great option.

Posted by Erin Walsh on Oct 11, 2018 5:05:08 AM
The benefits of children taking part in soccer spread across a wide variety of topics. In a time where technology and video games is huge, the benefits that sports and indeed soccer have for children is enormous. 

The healthy side

The health benefits alone are numerous and include:
weight loss,
increased cardiovascular and aerobic fitness
lowering body fat
building strength, flexibility and coordination
... all of which are crucial in a child's development.
It is also a great way to meet people and exercise / socialize with friends. 

An inclusive sport

There are so many opportunities for children now that no matter what the age, ability or gender, there is a place to play in almost every town. Children can learn from experienced coaches about not only soccer but also learn life lessons that can help outside of soccer, both at home and at school. Soccer helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence, self-discipline, team work etc. While also providing an opportunity to increase confidence and self-esteem, and help reduce anxiety or stress. 
What are you waiting for? Check out our youth soccer programs or find a center near you.

Passionate about 5v5 soccer

At Sofive we live and breathe 5v5 soccer. Discover the atmosphere at one of our centers or read all about this high-paced sport on our blog.

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