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Our thoughts on the UEFA Nations League

Posted by Martin Lukaschik on Nov 25, 2018 3:13:47 AM


The UEFA Nations League is attempting to end the boredom surrounding International friendlies by matching up countries in their own weight class. Divided into 4 leagues (A-D) with 4 groups each based on their FIFA ranking, teams try to avoid relegation to the next league because it will adversely affect their seeding for the EURO 2020 qualifiers. On the other hand, the four group winners in each league play out 1 of the 4 direct tickets to the EURO. While the idea of tying more incentives and repercussions to the matches sounds interesting, the group set up of 3 teams each feels flawed. While Portugal, Switzerland, Portugal, and Netherlands are in the Final Four, World-Cup runner up Croatia and Germany got relegated to League B.

Overall, nice try UEFA, but the Nations League remains just as unnecessary as the International friendlies after a big tournament.

What do you think of the Nations League?