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Sofive’s 5 a side- Creating a Social Atmosphere

Posted by Eric Stalsburg on Dec 3, 2018 3:08:09 AM


Sofive’s 5 a side soccer has many benefits. One benefit in particular that sets us apart is the social aspect. Each Sofive location boasts a large lounge space with couches, chairs, tables, and a café.

Many of the locations offer beer along with café snacks, Gatorade, pizzas, and salads. There are multiple televisions broadcasting live soccer matches ranging from EPL to Champions League to MLS. Sofive creates an atmosphere that is warm, comforting, and soccer centric.

There’s nothing better than a Tuesday night men’s league game. 40 minutes of hard work and sweat! The game ends, the uniform is drenched, you shake hands with the other team, and you walk over to the café with your teammates! Before your muscles tighten up, you buy a pitcher of beer and tune in to what’s on the television. You’ve walked off the pitch, 5 yards to your own Sofive soccer bar.

The atmosphere has wifi, television, couches, tables, and chairs. Plenty of seating to relax, catch up with your teammates, meet new friends, and celebrate a victory (or mourn in a loss) 😊 Sofive is more than just an indoor soccer center, it’s a vibrant soccer atmosphere that’s taking the country by storm! Game on!

Passionate about 5v5 soccer

At Sofive we live and breathe 5v5 soccer. Discover the atmosphere at one of our centers or read all about this high-paced sport on our blog.

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