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The importance of a Good Touch in Soccer

Posted by Eduardo Garcia on Dec 17, 2018 1:43:59 AM

People often think Soccer is all about kicking and running but there is a lot more to it for example your first touch. Is it good or bad?

Whether you are a forward, midfielder, defender or even a goalie, having a good first touch will make your game a lot easier for you as a player and even help out the team. Here are some good reasons why having a great touch in soccer is crucial:


Higher Percentage of the ball.

Most coaches believe that having higher percentages of possession will win games. That can only be true if the player’s first touch is good enough to keep possession of the ball. One way to make sure your team is able to win game is by practicing your touch over and over. Players need to trust each other to make the game fun and simple, that way a team  has less turnovers during the game.


Better under pressure.

Every individual has a job and that is to secure the ball at all times. But what happens if that individual does not have a good first touch? That means another teammate has to work twice as hard to get it back, teammates start to lose trust, and less playing time. Having a good first touch helps out the team, and helps the individual to have fun during the game, because you do not worry if you have pressure coming your way. You are confident that you will pass the ball or beat that defender coming at you.  You will believe in your ability to keep the ball away from them and keep your team’s possession going.


This is a fantastic skill to have when your team is facing any type of press. Rather than having to worry about your first touch, you will be able to trap the ball and figure out where to go next. For example, if you are in one of the corners on the pitch, you will have a much higher chance of finding a way out because you’ll have your head up looking for the next pass or shot.