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Why is playing 5v5 soccer or futsal great for your social life?  Here are a couple of reasons

Posted by Brandon Leavy on Oct 18, 2018 11:32:35 AM


5-a-side soccer is a fantastic way to grow, not just as a player, but socially as well!  Being that 5v5 is small sided it is inherently fast-paced, forcing players to get a lot of touches on the ball every time they are on the pitch.  Socially it forces you to become more comfortable communicating on the pitch with your team as well as having a great time playing the beautiful game. 


Smaller is better

With a smaller pitch and less people on each team, you must communicate well if you want your team to be successful.  Whether you are playing with a few friends just getting a game in together or if you’re at our pick-up games making new friends, 5v5 always allows you to grow socially by working with others towards a common goal.


After the game

Not only will you have a great time playing with your friends on the field, but after you are done playing, you can all call go to our bar/lounge area, grab drinks, talk about the game. You can even get a replay of the game because at our facility there are cameras on all fields which record all the action of your session!  Everyone you meet, both players and staff have one common connection… which is soccer! We are all here because we love the sport!


Play and watch them play

What makes playing 5v5 at our facility even better is our bar/lounge area where we are always showing live matches.  This is always a great place to meet other fans and make new friends.  After you make your new friends at our bar lounge have a drink and talking soccer you can plan to come back, play the beautiful game and do it all again! 


If you come and play 5v5 you will meet some new friends and make life long memories and stories to tell your kids and friends.

Passionate about 5v5 soccer

At Sofive we live and breathe 5v5 soccer. Discover the atmosphere at one of our centers or read all about this high-paced sport on our blog.

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