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Sofive Features to Take Advantage Of!

Posted by Rex Stone on Jan 23, 2020 12:00:00 PM
Playing at Sofive goes beyond our state-of-the-art facilities; there's also a myriad of great features you can utilize when you play at one of our locations. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the features so you can take full advantage of during your next visit!
  • Scoreboards: Our scoreboards provide great visibility on the time and score for both players and spectators. Before the game, they display pre-game info (teams, rankings, game statistics) for all to get some context on the match about to be played.
  • Automated Game Highlights: We automatically build highlight videos with a compilation of all the goals of a match. These are automatically edited with high-quality video templates to make players feel like real pros.


  • Player Chatbot. Rather than have to frequently check on the website for standings, match schedules and videos the idea is to send this info automatically to players. From Facebook Messenger, players are one click away from getting this information in their inbox. After each game they also receive their highlight video, making it easy to access and share with friends.


  • Player Profiles - My Team. We are making it easy for team captains to easily tag each goal with the player’s name, so that they can then access their own player profile, with all their goals in one place. 


  • Clubhouse Streaming (Coming Soon). The TVs will be automatically streaming game highlights as they come in. People will be able to sit and watch them after a match. During tournaments, the TVs will also automatically show current schedule and standings, in order to make it easier for parents and players to follow what is going on.

EKP - Watching TV-2